Food packaging at home: from green to circular


The focus is on bringing together the various elements - sustainability, food waste prevention and consumer-friendly design - for circular food packaging. This requires a rethink that sees plastic and other materials not as waste, but as a valuable part of a recycling loop. This means that only recycled raw materials are used for food packaging, which must nevertheless be of high usability and quality and at the same time help to avoid packaging and food waste. But where do we stand today?

A recently published study "Challenges for circular food packaging: Circular resources utilization" examines the current state of the circular economy and food packaging. While packaging plays an important role in supply chain management and in the processing industry, the knowledge base for the implementation of extended producer responsibility is insufficient and largely ignored. The aim of the researchers was to identify and analyze challenges for the circular management of food packaging to reduce food waste and ensure a sustainable food supply chain.

Many aspects that emerged in the study as crucial for the circular management of food packaging are still the focus of interest at the Cofresco Institute today. Packaging not only plays an important role in the selection of materials and the reduction of their consumption, but also in improving food preservation through the choice of suitable materials.

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