The Cofresco Forum - and previously the Cofresco Institute - regularly hosts events for scientists, experts and journalists interested in developments and innovation with regards to the food cycle and food packaging. Focus is on three research areas including Health and Security, Freshness and Taste and Environmental Protection.

12th Cofresco Forum Round Table 08 May 2019

Packaging plays a significant role in food safety and the protection of essential nutrients. But consumers expect much more from it: there is a growing desire for sustainable materials ...


Round Table 2019

Events Archive

Over the past few years, there have been many events throughout Europe. These are an essential part of the responsibility of the Cofresco Forum in order to expand its pan-European research network.

11th Cofresco Forum Round Table

In addition to their various properties, modern packaging should also be sustainable. With this in mind, biobased materials offer an interesting alternative as they can play an ...


Round Table 2017

10. Cofresco Forum Round Table

Every fifth basket of food from the supermarket ends up in the rubbish bin! A lack of knowledge about the right way to store food in the household is chiefly responsible for the fact that the actual quantity of waste far exceeds consumer estimates. ...


Round Table 2016

9th Cofresco Forum Round Table

"Food Protection and Convenience - Trends in Household Packaging" is the motto of this year's Cofresco Forum Round Table to which you are cordially invited. During the event, the different issues for food protection and packaging raised by the convenience trend will be presented and discussed ...


Round Table 2014

8th Cofresco Forum Round Table

Cofresco Forum's 8th Round Table focuses on research into household packaging and food storage. How can packaging help protect our environment? What is the most sensible way to use labels and indicators? And what role does recycling play in manufacturing? ...


Round Table 2013

7th Cofresco Forum Round Table

Recent developments in the field of sustainable food packaging were part of the key agenda at the 7th Cofresco Forum Roundtable. On Tuesday, June 21st in Vienna, scientists and industry experts discussed "Sustainable Food Packaging Innovations and Trends". ...


Round Table 2011

6th Cofresco Forum Round Table

The challenge of preserving the quality of food from harvest to consumption was the main topic of this year's Round Table of the Cofresco Forum. On 15 April 2010 scientists and industry experts discussed current trends and research results on the topic: "Healthy Food - How Packaging, Storage and Preparation". ...


Round Table 2010

5th Cofresco Forum Round Table

The topic of the Round Table 2008 at the University of Wageningen was: Sustainability and Efficiency of Consumer Packaging ...


Round Table 2008

4th Cofresco Forum Round Table

The topic of the Round Table in October 2007 in Bonn (Germany) was: How can packaging help consumers to handle food in a safer and healthier way at home?

The guests at the Round Table were welcomed by Martin Rogall, Head of Research and Development Cofresco. ...


Round Table 2007

3rd Cofresco Forum Round Table

The topic of the Round Table in November 2006 in Paris was: The implications of the development of "green" packaging: Evaluation of the research and assessment of trends in terms of consumer expectations ...


Round Table 2006

2nd Cofresco Forum Round Table

The Round Table 2005 took place in Munich (Germany). It was about: Food, Nutrition and Household - How to support consumers better in handling, preparation and storage of food at home? ...


Round Table 2005

1st Cofresco Forum Round Table

The Round Table 2004 took place in Paris. It was about: Industrial packaging, which applications for home food packaging? ...


Round Table 2004

European Conference 2004

The European Conference 2004 took place in Freising (Germany) and was about: Fresh Food Packaging ...


Euroconference 2004