Here you will find a round up of links to relevant Internet sites that deal with research, innovation and packaging:

Research Promotion


State institution with an industrial and commercial focus (EPIC). Main responsibilities include the collection, processing and dissemination of international technical and scientific information derived from the worldwide network of French embassies. The site offers a search engine for sites within the network and access to publications from ADIT. Additional activities include the latest reports from respective technology fields. Language: French

Regional Delegation for Research and Innovation

The DRRT represents the French Ministry of Science (Ministère de la Recherche) in Ile-de-France. Its responsibilities include supporting institutions in their goal to improve research value and promote the expansion of a scientific and technical culture. The site includes a section on current research and links to sites like CORDIS (Community Research and Development Service). Language: French

Online Research Framework Program

Link to the German portal for the 7th EU Research Framework program of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. One research emphasis is "Food, Health and Welfare." Links to relevant contacts as well as instructions for submission are available on the site. Language: German

Research and Industry

ofi - Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology

Today, ofi is one of the largest testing and research institutes in Austria - and thus an important factor in the innovation system. As a competent and flexible partner, ofi has supported major international companies and above all numerous organizations and small to mid-sized businesses since it was founded in 1946. Together with these companies, ofi develops new products or applications and provides certainty about the quality of offerings through their testing process. With headquarters in Vienna and Neustadt, ofi is focused in the areas of construction, bioenergy, pharmaceuticals, surface treatments and plastic products.

Wiener Neustadt Technical College

Founded in 1994, the Wiener Neustadt technical college is the first technical college in Austria. Since the founding days, its goal is to connect academics and on-the-job experience targeted at the needs of business and technology. At this time, there are four faculties at the Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences: Business, Technology, Health and Security and Sport.


IPU is an innovative company in the field of engineering. It offers the development of highly qualified processes and products, consulting activities and partnerships with experts in engineering and communication technology. IPU has a broad platform on food safety and legal requirements for preservation and packaging, especially with regards to the decomposition process caused by fungi. Languages: Danish, English

Bernard Gregory Foundation (ABG)

Founded in 1980, the Bernard Gregory Foundation has given itself the task of promoting the value of training through research in the non-academic world and the entry of young graduate research students into business. The ABG is supported by the public sector, academic and commercial research centers, universities and companies. It provides services related to the job search (personal consultation and advice, job offers and a database for resumes) as well as information on the training and employment of graduate research students (quarterly magazine, weekly online magazine, website). In addition, it helps educational institutions prepare their students for careers in business. (Doctorial, Program "Adding value to knowledge - a new thesis chapter"). Languages: French, English


Association for the promotion of research and innovation through the support and organization of knowledge transfer. The goal of ECRIN is to promote the relationship between research and industry at an early stage in order to drive development and innovation. A comprehensive list of links enables further research. Languages: French, English presentation of the association

German Packing Institute and the Association of German Packaging Engineers e. V.

The homepage gives information on the activities of both organizations. Among other things, the site offers research opportunities for innovation, experts and packaging materials. A forum is also offered. Language: German, English

Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research

The Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research works in the scientific field of sustainable uses for food safety and packaging. Through close collaboration with the government and the industry, the group creates inspiring opportunities and special solutions by merging their experience from various scientific and industrial fields. Languages: Dutch, English

Technological Institute of Auvergne

The institute supports small and mid-sized businesses in their technical developments. In packaging, Casimir provides technical support for designers, manufacturers and consumers of packaging. Casimirs goals: sensitivity to foster new business relationships and thus identify and implement them in addition to project support. Language: French


AlphaGalileo is a European community project that aims to raise awareness for the importance of European research and the information flow between research communities and mass media. The portal offers journalists worldwide around the clock access to news, images and background information. An expert database is also provided. Languages: French, English, German

Schools and Universities


Information about AgroParisTech and its activities including engineer program, training for and through research as well as research projects for and with the industry. Language: French

ESIEC: French School of Packaging Engineers

The ESIEC website presents its offer: engineering education, further education for engineers and managers, research, technology transfer in collaboration with companies, European and international partnerships. In addition, a link list is provided. Languages: French, English

Technical University of Munich: School of Brewing and Food Technology

The web site for the Weihenstephan scientific center for nutrition, land use and environment offers information on current events and presents the school, study opportunities and research activities. Additionally, it offers information on graduation, postdoctoral lecture qualification and the central facilities of the TUM campus in Weihenstephan. Languages: German, English

Royal University for Veterinary and Agriculture Sciences: Department of Dairy and Food Science

The Danish KVL is one of the leading European universities in food research. The website offers information on courses, programs and research projects. A guided tour provides a quick overview of the work of the university. Languages: English, Danish

Magazine and Information Services

Food Science Central

The non-profit organization, IFIS, provides extensive information on the food industry on its website. Additional services offered include an innovation database, a search engine and a regular newsletter. Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

Neue Verpackung (New Packaging)

The website of one of the leading German packaging magazines provides detailed, daily information on the German packaging industry. Various search engines allow additional research on events, products and companies. Language: German

Lebensmittel Zeitung (Food Magazine)

On the Food Magazine web site - one of the leading German magazines in this field - all aspects of the food industry are discussed. A discussion forum, search engine and a regular newsletter are part of their offer. Language: German, English

Food Production Daily is one of the leading European sites for information on food technology and packaging. The web site offers a variety of information services. One special service is the option to receive personalized newsletters. Language: English

Emballage Digest

The Emballage Digest magazine focuses primarily on packaging, e.g. technologies, machines and processes. Emballage Digest reporting covers all markets in the packaging industry including food, household products, industry packaging, cosmetics/perfumes, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, equipment, etc. Emballage Digest puts an emphasis on innovation and offers an international overview of the packaging industry. Language: French, English

Packworld, the website of the American "Packaging World" magazine, provides information on general packaging and the international packaging market. The site also offers an excellent search engine. Language: English

Packaging Magazine is the online version of the leading industry magazine in Britain. The website concentrates on news, jobs, technical facilities, events and materials. Language: English

IDW online

The world of science up close: The science information service (idw) opens doors to science, research and teaching for those interested. News, archive, calendar and the links on science are all at no cost. Languages: German, English