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Preventing Waste - Challenges for Household Food Packaging


Sustainable packaging is not just bio-based, reusable, or recyclable. It also prevents food from going to waste. Many processes, such as modified atmosphere packaging or the use of indicators, are applicable to the industrial or commercial sector. However, they are rarely practical for domestic use.

The risks associated with the packaging and storage of food in the home are numerous and varied, as are the impacts of environmental factors. Food spoilage can begin long before the consumer expects it. It is therefore crucial to examine the consumer's role in the food chain, particularly how perishable food is handled, prepared, and stored at home. With this in mind, what is the most effective course of action, according to scientific research? 


Food Packaging as part of a renewable carbon circle


It is widely accepted that plastic is a necessary and useful component of food packaging. It prevents spoilage and food waste. However, its fossil-based production depletes natural resources, contributes to climate change and, with less than 10% of plastic currently recycled, is part of a global plastic waste problem. A part that is becoming increasingly significant as the amount of plastic food packaging produced is on the rise, resulting in a steady growth in plastic waste and CO2-emissions due to the use of fossil carbon. With this background, it is becoming imperative to develop more sustainable packaging materials that meet food packaging requirements and can be produced at competitive prices


Bio-based and biodegradable


Studies on fresh food packaging at the University of Montpellier




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