Transforming the future of plastic

We want to improve the sustainability of our products and processes. Today, too much plastic waste is generated that is not reused. We at Cofresco want to change this by considering plastic not as waste, but as a valuable resource and part of a recycling loop - a resource that can and must be recycled. In this way, we want to transform the future of plastic - for improved sustainability and economic efficiency.


Sustainability targets: By the year 2025, Cofresco wants to use only recycled or renewable raw materials for its products and packaging - while maintaining their tried and tested ease of use and high quality.

Tear-resistant cling films, waterproof bags - unique designs and solutions already ensure our Swirl® and Handybag® brand products are reliable and dependable. But today's circumstances call for new, more sustainable approaches. By 2025, Cofresco will thoroughly research all the required resources, sustainably improve supply chains and redesign products to achieve our goal of using only recycled or renewable raw materials in all our products and packaging. Our Swirl® brand bin liners have undergone a successful redesign in terms of their material properties. The bags now consist of 95% recycled material and thus contribute to a more sustainable closed loop economy.


100 % Circular – our vision of sustainability, recycling and waste prevention.

Many of the products in our brand range are already recyclable to a large extent in order to foster sustainable recycling management. But we at Cofresco want more - by 2025 we intend to offer only products that are fully recyclable or made from compostable raw materials for all our brands on our way to greater sustainability.  Our goal is to actively participate in creating a regenerative recycling economy, where less is thrown away and products can be returned to the recycling loop instead.


With a large number of brands such as Toppits®, Albal®, Bacofoil®, Swirl® and Handybag®, we are already one of the pioneers in the more sustainable use of resources.

On the way to improved sustainability. In the manufacture of all our Toppits®, Albal® and Bacofoil® brand products, we ensure that we use materials carefully and sparingly.  Our bags can be used several times to keep food fresh for a long time. In this way, we actively prevent food from being wasted by being disposed of too quickly and at the same time, we contribute to the more efficient use of resources. It is important to us that the customary product quality of all our brands is always maintained on our way to a more sustainable use of resources.


Disposable products are a thing of the past. With our Toppits®, Bacofoil® and Albal® brands, we not only actively encourage consumers to reuse our products, but we also provide tips on how to use them in a more environmentally friendly way.

Our portfolio already includes various products for multiple use. By 2025 we will expand our reusable product range. In doing so we focus on sustainability and ease of use. Some products from our Toppits®, Bacofoil® and Albal® brands are reusable. Simply rinsing or cleaning our bags is usually enough to keep food fresh time and time again.

The continuous development of Cofresco's product portfolio will continue to play a central role on our path towards greater sustainability. We are actively working on innovative and environmentally friendly solutions and are testing new natural raw materials such as organic beeswax for our products in order to provide our consumers with a wide range of reusable alternatives.