At home in over 70 million households!

Cofresco is Europe's leading manufacturer of branded household cling film, foil and paper products. When you buy cling film, foil or paper products in a supermarket, you are likely to be holding one of our quality products in your hand.

Quality over the years

We are a forward thinking company with the expertise to be leaders of innovation in our fields of business passed down from our 'mother', Melitta.

At first glance young, at second glance experienced: As early as 1937, Melitta started producing household papers with the introduction of sandwich paper. This was followed by cling film and aluminium foil. Cofresco has had a strong presence in the European market since 1996 - with innovative products and strong brands.

1908 –

It started with: the first coffee filter

A revolution in coffee enjoyment: With the development of the first coffee filter, Melitta Bentz, a housewife from Dresden, laid the foundation stone for the internationally renowned family business Melitta.

1929 –

Relocation from Dresden to Minden

The company relocated its headquarters to Minden in Westphalia. The Melitta Group has been at home there right through to the present day.

1937 –

The next innovation: sandwich paper

After the development of the sandwich paper, we succeeded in entering the world of household papers.

1963 –

New products - at the service of freshness

Just as long as it's fresh! Melitta focuses on new materials for innovative products: cling film and aluminium foil now supplement the range.

1965 –

Launch of the Albal® brand

Today, Albal® is the market leader in France and Spain for products that aid cooking, fresh keeping, baking and freezing along with leading product options for cling film, foil and baking parchment.

1988 –

Launch of the Toppits® and Swirl® brands

Melitta expands and creates two new brands, Toppits® and Swirl®, in one year for the new business segments; "Freshness and Flavour" and "Practical Cleanliness".

1996 –

Founding of Cofresco

Our beginnings: Cofresco is founded as a joint venture by Melitta and Dow Brands.

1997 –

The first expansion

Establishment of the Polish subsidiary Cofresco Polska.

1999 –

New ownership structure

Dow Brands sells its shares to S.C. Johnson.

2014 –

Welcome back!

Melitta acquires all the shares from S.C. Johnson. Cofresco becomes a 100% subsidiary of Melitta.

2015 –

Expansion in the United Kingdom

Cofresco acquires the British company Wrapfilm Systems Ltd, (today: Cofresco® Foodservice and Cofresco® Operations) with the brands Bacofoil®, Wrapmaster® and caterwrap®.

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Easy-Cut-System® for the perfect cut

The carton design makes all the difference: Features such as a curved saw and angled edges make cutting cling film effortless.


SafeLoc®/Ultra-Zip freezer bags

Secure zip tight seal, with a ZZZZiip that you can hear! Thanks to the double closure, SafeLoc® and Ultra-Zip freezer bags can be closed securely.


Zipper® stays sealed!

The secure zipper keeps the bag sealed! Even when transporting food on the go.


Patented solution for bin liners

The elasticed fastening on our bin liners offer two useful benefits: holding the bag securely in the bin and using them to seal the bag when full.


Wrapmaster® dispensing systems for professionals

Safety and maximum hygiene: Wrapmaster® dispensers for cling film, alumumium foil and baking parchment for safe, hygienic and efficient dispensing.


Innovations for the future

Innovations are the key to our success: from the improvement of existing products to the development of groundbreaking ideas.

Cofresco focuses on the consumer. That's why we only develop innovations that provide real improvements in quality and ease of use. In short, our innovations must make sense to the consumer! Once we see that there is value in an idea, we begin our innovation process from development to bringing the innovation to market.


This is our home! Our base since the company was founded and the headquarters of the Melitta Group.

The administrative offices for the Freshness & Flavour and Waste Disposal divisions are located in this East Westphalian town with around 80,000 inhabitants. About 70 employees enjoy the friendly atmosphere in the open and pleasantly designed Cofresco hallway, which is also used for meetings. 


Most of our products have been produced in the Polish town of Brodnica since 2016.

Around 30,000 people live in the industrial town of Brodnica, which is located south of Gdansk Bay. Quite a few of them - around 500 - work here at our production site, where the majority of Cofresco products are manufactured. In 2017, an additional hall was added to the modern production facility. We are ready for the future.


Bacofoil®, Wrapmaster® and caterwrap®: these brand originate from the West Midlands in the UK.

The Cofresco Foodservice division is located in Telford, northwest of Birmingham, in the UK. Home of the administrative and prodution departments, with around 260 employees that ensure Bacofoil®, Wrapmaster® and caterwrap® brands remain market leaders, deliver excellent product quality and lead innvocation for future developments.