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End of life: closing the loop for household food packaging

The pursuit of a circular economy is gaining more and more momentum. So naturally, the end-of-life stage of food packaging is becoming increasingly important. The ambitions have been set high, and the goal is clearly defined. But what is the best way to achieve this?

The first Cofresco Forum Pit Stop took an in-depth look at this topic. For three hours, experts provided insights into the various aspects and implications of the end-of-life concept.

13. Cofresco Forum Round Table


New recycling rate targets for packaging are creating new requirements for household food packaging. In addition to the primary task of avoiding food waste through proper storage and packaging, the main focus is now shifting to the integration of food packaging into the circular economy.  

12. Cofresco Forum Round Table


Packaging plays a significant role in food safety and the protection of essential nutrients. But consumers expect much more from it: there is a growing desire for sustainable materials that can be flexibly used and easily handled – even at home.


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