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13. Cofresco Forum Round Table


Wednesday 15 September 2021


New recycling rate targets for packaging are creating new requirements for household food packaging. In addition to the primary task of avoiding food waste through proper storage and packaging, the main focus is now shifting to the integration of food packaging into the circular economy.  

Household Packaging for a Circular Economy

The 13th Cofresco Forum Round Table will therefore be addressing the question of how the requirements of a circular economy for food packaging can be implemented in the household. International researchers and companies will be presenting relating current research and inviting the audience to an open discussion: Which requirements must recyclates meet for use in food packaging? What is the status of aluminium and paper recycling? What are the developments in renewable packaging materials? How can material flows be better recycled and what would be an optimal treatment process? What role does design play with regard to expanding material cycles

Following the lecture part, you will have the opportunity to gain insights into Cofresco's sustainability strategy and its implementation. 

The registration deadline is 1 September 2021 and, as always, participation is free of charge.

Change to online event

In view of the steadily increasing incidences and to offer you planning security, we have decided with a heavy heart to hold the 13th Cofresco Forum Round Table as an online event

12. Cofresco Forum Round Table


Packaging plays a significant role in food safety and the protection of essential nutrients. But consumers expect much more from it: there is a growing desire for sustainable materials that can be flexibly used and easily handled – even at home.

11. Cofresco Forum Round Table


In addition to their various properties, modern packaging should also be sustainable. With this in mind, biobased materials offer an interesting alternative as they can play an active role in reducing food waste.


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