Three business areas - 3 times expertise and quality

It all started with sandwich paper in 1937. Over 80 years later, Cofresco's product portfolio has expanded considerably. Today we divide our product range into three business areas.

Freshness and Flavour

Pack food dependably, hygienically and taste-neutral. With products from the Toppits®, Albal®, Bacofoil® and PrimaPack® brands.

When it comes to packaging or freezing food, our customers' requirements are understandably high. Neutral taste and maximum hygiene are essential. Ease of use is also very important. We develop products that not only promise real added value, but genuinely deliver it in everyday use.

Waste Solutions

Bin liners with unique features. From elasticated fastening to tear resistance. The brands Swirl®, Handybag® ,Bacofoil® and PrimaPack® provide the solutions.

Always one step ahead with innovative ideas. Our bin liners are equipped with a drawstring, carrying handle and have impressive tear resistance. Troublesome slipping into the bin is also prevented. We also supply special organic waste bags and reinforced heavy duty bags for heavy loads.


Dependable solutions for professionals. Toppits® Professional, Albal Professional®, Wrapmaster® and caterwrap know what's important in commercial kitchens.

Products for use in commerical kitchens must meet the highest safety, hygiene and relability standards. Handling must be as efficent and productive as possible in often stressful every day situations. We fulfil these requirements with large roll formats and offer additional convenience and relaibilty with easy to clean and sanitise dispenser systems.