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Dresden Packaging Conference


5-6 December 2019

At the 29th Dresden Packaging Conference (“Dresdner Verpackungsstag”) – the traditional year-end event of the German packaging industry – the overriding question will be “Packaging in 2025 – Are we ready?”

The focus will be on two developments or trends in particular: sustainability and digitalisation. The conference aims to highlight the requirements, goals and visions of the main players in the value chain and to discuss concrete developments and outstanding application examples. Leading experts from industry, science and trade will be present to help lead the discussions.

One special feature of the Dresden Packaging Conference is the integration of packaging technology students. The event traditionally offers a unique opportunity for packaging professionals to network with these young people. As a result, the Dresden Packaging Conference has developed into an interesting exchange forum for jobs, internships, bachelor’s and master’s theses – in addition to the sharing of information between industry experts. It also offers companies the opportunity to make contact with some of the most interesting specialists of tomorrow.

Further information and registration at:

European Bioplastics Conference


3-4 December 2019

Everyone’s talking about bioplastics – making the European Bioplastics Conference a correspondingly popular event. Already in its 14th iteration, the organisers are inviting visitors to Berlin this year for a further extended range of lectures, discussion forums and exhibitors.

The stronger and more focused efforts of governments and the general public in recent months and years towards more sustainable consumption are reflected in the growing use of biopolymers by major brands and manufacturers.

In addition to the general contribution of biopolymers for recycling, the European Bioplastics Conference will therefore feature presentations by well-known companies on their latest material developments and application examples. The main topics of the two-day conference – such as biodegradable materials, the processing of biopolymers, life cycle and sustainability – cover a broad range and provide plenty of issues for discussion. Numerous representatives from research, industry and politics will be on hand to contribute to these talks. A variety of conference formats will be used to promote an open exchange of views and to ensure there is plenty of time for networking.

Further information on the conference programme and speakers can be found here:

Webinar: “Mineral oil components in food packaging”


9 October 2019

Compared to printing inks, cardboard and plastic films, adhesives are less frequently mentioned when it comes to food packaging as they make up a relatively small proportion of the overall packaging in terms of compliance with safety standards. But even if there is no specific legislation in Europe for adhesives in contact with food, there are legal regulations that apply to adhesives, thus making them an integral part of food packaging safety. The adhesive manufacturer Henkel has therefore launched an initiative for safe food packaging. An essential component of this initiative is a food safety training centre offering interactive live webinars, e-learning courses and certified training courses on key food safety topics.


One such webinar “Mineral oil components in food packaging - What role do adhesives play?" is to be held on 9 October at 10 am (CEST). It will deal with the issue of food contamination via mineral oil components, which can occur in numerous ways. The webinar thus focuses on the challenges with regard to mineral oil hydrocarbons in food packaging.



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